Lens Distortion - STMap INVERT

Lens Distortion - STMap INVERT

Get the inverse operation of an STMap used in the UV or Lens Distortion for Nuke

Lens Distortion - STMap INVERT

This is a quick tutorial in case you want to get the Inverse of the STMap used, for example, for the Lens Distortion.

In case you have only the UV-STMap for the undistort and you want to create the distort STMap, this is the solution for you.

There are 2 solution: the first one using the Expression node and the second one with the C_STMap node implemented on Nuke12+ (this solution comes from Alessio Oliverio)

You can download the .nk script with an example of each solution:
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In the script you will find this tree with 2 solutions: the first one with the Expression Node and the other one with the new node C_STMap contained in the CaraVR menu (Nuke12+)

In any solution, you have the STMap/UVMap coming from the Lens Distortion node or an external software. With this script you will get the inverted STMap/UVMap.


Having as input of the Expression Node the UVMap, you will get as output the inverted UVMap. Using the node STMap to apply the transformation, you will see the result.

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This is a new tool implemented with the CaraVR menu in Nuke.

In the example below, C_STMap is connected directly to the UVMap (src input is free). The output will be the UVMap invert that you can use with the STMap node.

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Or you can also connect src directly to your footage and map to the UVMap. Output will be your footage with the distortion inverted (without the use of the STMap node)

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