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Free CG Render Files

Here you can download a complete project in FullHD for free that you can use in your tests and tutorial

Free CG Render Files

Hello, I released one frame of my personal project "Helicopter". You can use this frame for your tutorials and tests. This is for public use, but don't for selling purposes! Please, always incluse my Logo that you will find already comped in both of the scripts.

You can download the Folder from the link below:
Download Project Files for Free


Will find two Nuke project files and 5 folders

1. Extract the folder from the file .zip
2. You will find 2 Nuke files:
#RenderAOV: Single render of the helicopter with all the Render pass
#SceneAOV: Template with the plate and all the renders, included the Deep render.

3. And 5 folders: deep, elements, lens distortion, obj, render
4. Every Nuke script uses the Relative Path, so you don't have to re-link elements. Just keep the folder structure that I made.


What you will find inside:

  • 01. Nuke Scripts

A complete render with background, CG ground and CG object. All the renders have the passes and deepEXR..

  • 02. Elements

Apart for Camera and Lens Distortion, you will find one frame from the plate and the HDR used as Image Based Light in Maya for the Render.

  • 03. Render

There are two renders: the helicopter and the ground used for the ground replacement.

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