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Hey there,

As a seasoned digital compositor with experience in the VFX industry, I am thrilled to offer my skills, knowledge, and expertise as a teacher of VFX at your esteemed institution.

During my journey in the world of VFX I have had the honor of working on several blockbuster films and hit television shows. I have had the privilege of working with some incredibly talented artists, and I have always found great joy in sharing my knowledge with others. I strongly believe that the key to success in VFX lies in a deep understanding of the fundamentals, and my goal as a teacher is to impart this knowledge to my students in a clear, concise, and engaging manner.

My teaching style is rooted in the belief that every student is unique and has their own learning style. To this end, I strive to create an inclusive and collaborative learning environment that enables students to thrive and grow as artists. I firmly believe that learning should be fun and that students should be encouraged to explore, experiment, and push the boundaries of their creativity.

  • Phone : +39 339 60 20 474
  • E-mail : andrea.geremia89@gmail.com
  • Skype : andrea.geremia89
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What I share?

  • Education

    I own a double degree in Cinema and Media Engineering and a VFX Postgraduate Master

  • Double Language

    I can share info in English and Italian as well!

    Choose yours!

  • Technical and creative skills

    Visual effects world is the perfect mix between my creative side and technical one, becoming the expression of myself. I put all my experience and positivity in every single pixel, honing my skills and sharing my knowledge with colleagues and students.

  • ... and something new?

    Yes, don't forget the new technologies, like AI, DeepFake, CopyCat from Nuke

  • ... Choose your way

    I'm available for lessons 1 to 1, Workshops or dealing with entire school program.


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Andrea Geremia
  •   VFX Artist -  
  • Cinema & Media Engineer
  •   andrea.geremia89@gmail.com
  •   +39 339 60 20 474