NAVY Helicopter CH-46
Final Compositing

This is a frame extracted from the final comp.

Wirefrom from top view


Published on the magazine 3D Artist Italy n° 12

Side View

This shot was created on May 2016 during the VFX Master. An image was published on the magazine 3D Artist Italy December 2016 n°12.

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Recorded with a Canon 7D Mark II in Parco Dora, Turin. Integration of an helicopter in a rural ambient. After modeling in Maya I did texture in Substance Painter 2. I used 3D Equalizer for the matchmoving. For the lighting it was used an HDR photographed on the location with a chromeball. Compositing was made in Nuke. Particulary interesting particularly interesting was the replacement of the ground.


  • Software : Autodesk Maya, Nuke, 3D Equalizer, Substance Painter, Photoshop
  • Render Engine : Mental Ray
  • Pipeline : All aspects
  • Client : Personal project
  • Category : 3D / Compositing