CLIMAX - Tour Eiffel
Final Compositing

Front Tower

Tower Destroyed

Bottom side

I watched the Oscar 2016 when Leonardo DiCaprio won his Oscar. He talked about the climate change. I think this is one of the main problems of our World. We have to act, right now! I created this shot inspired by DiCaprio's speech.

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This shot was created during the Master in VFX in March 2016. The idea was to represent a possible future caused by climate change. The Tour Eiffel, Paris' symbol, is the last building of the humans. You can see a human, probably one of the last, walking in the new Paris' desert. Background is a matte painting, created in Photoshop. I used camera projection in Maya and then it was modeled the Tower. This 3D model is an exact representation of the real Tour Eiffel. Each beam, each steel column was modeled in the exact position. It was really stressed because I don't live in Paris ;) After all, I shooted the human on a green screen. Compositing was made in After Effects and Nuke.


  • Software : Autodesk Maya, Mari, Nuke, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects
  • Render Engine : Mental Ray
  • Pipeline : All aspects
  • Client : Personal project
  • Category : 3D / Compositing
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